PCMA EduCon 2021 will focus on YOU.

YOUR health. YOUR mind. YOUR relationships.

Our EduCon program is designed for you and by you, providing concrete, relevant, and actionable takeaways using real-life examples and learnings to help you solve your biggest challenges and embrace change in a dramatically shifting landscape. We heard what’s on your mind and your needs—and through our interactive learning journeys, we invite you to get answers to your questions, gain inspiration, and further ideate with us and your business event industry peers.

Our program offers three overarching outcomes, designed to help you walk away armed with best practices, insights, and tools to create hybrid and omnichannel events of the future that are catered to meet the needs of your audiences. Our learning journey is designed to lead you through the steps and elements of building hybrid and omnichannel events and is entirely customizable—select the sessions and experiences that are most relevant to you.

  • Creating successful omnichannel and hybrid event models: Learn about new experience models and economics, including how to scale and budget for your next event, while keeping your customers’ needs first.
  • Designing and measuring the ROI of events: Takeaway insights and steps for designing and measuring experiences that surprise, delight and engage, along with helping you achieve business outcomes.
  • Creating the marketplace of the future: Learn ways to challenge outdated processes and old mindsets, replacing them with fresh ideas for value exchanges between participants, exhibitors, and sponsors in ways that sustain crucial revenue streams and even transform your revenue model.

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EduCon’s sessions are designed to cater to different learning styles and comfort levels, with three different learning formats. Select from the following session formats to create your unique learning journey, whether you want to glean takeaways from thoughtful presentations or actively brainstorm solutions with industry peers:

Thought Leadership Talks: Learn from future-focused professionals and innovative minds in thought leadership presentations. Take away cutting-edge food for thought and actionable takeaways that address the most relevant industry trends. Speakers will also share ways you can overcome obstacles to thrive now and in the future.

Deep Dive Discussions: Listen and learn from industry peers across verticals with topical case studies that uncover takeaways from both successes and failures. Following short “how we did it” presentations, you can join the follow-up discussion to ask your most pressing questions and dive into key learnings. 

Solutioning Workshops: Brainstorm and learn with extended interactive sessions that teach hands-on skills based on best practices and trends. You will walk away with a useful framework, guide, tip sheet, or other outcomes to add to your toolkit, so you can apply the teachings to your work and workplace. Our workshops offer simultaneous interactive learning opportunities, no matter if you’re attending in person or participating digitally.

Within the learning journey, EduCon’s sessions explore hybrid and omnichannel obstacles and best practices with cutting-edge research, thoughtful insights, and interactive sessions structured to help you answer questions and build new frameworks and skills.

Turn your event learnings into next steps and action items through our EduCon Idea Book, which includes studio overviews, questions to prompt discussion, wellness reminders and exercises, and activities designed to help you translate what you’re learning into strategies and ideas that will help you create and execute events and marketplaces for the future.