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EduCon 2023 is fast approaching, and it’s time to get the word out!

Before the conference, be sure to follow @PCMAHQ on Twitter and Instagram, and PCMA on LinkedIn and Facebook. We’ll keep you up-to-date on everything leading up to the main event and provide opportunities to interact and engage with other #eventprofs before the conference. 

More speakers and session leaders will be announced as time goes on, so don’t be afraid to celebrate each of the exciting announcements that will reveal EduCon’s impact on your year and career. 

We suggest you tweak the copy below to fit how your social profile! #PCMAEC 


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Because what U do matters. Right now, business events are at a tipping point and communities need us! Come to #PCMAEC June 25–28, 2023, to engage in conversation-driven programming, build business partnerships and pursue your purpose. EduCon 2023 is the place for U. Register today: 

I am ready to embrace my purpose. Are U? At #PCMAEC, collaborate with me through attendee-fueled conversations, actionable takeaways and the latest industry insights allowing you to thrive in the future. Learn more and register to join me at EduCon, June 25–28, 2023:


Your audience, your business and your community need U! Join me on this quest to engage, innovate and fuel the conversations our industry will talk about for years to come. Register now for #PCMAEC June 25–28, 2023:

I’m heading to #PCMAEC June 25–28, 2023! Join me in connecting people with purpose to ideas and resources to conquer our goals. Are U ready?


Counting down the days until @pcmahq #PCMAEC June 25-28, 2023!

Because I want to level up my career. Can’t wait for @pcmahq #PCMAEC 2023. What about U?

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