Experience & Engagement Design

EduCon 2023 Programming

EC23: Experience & Engagement Design

Build a competitive edge with business events design and engagement programming At EduCon 2023 in Montréal, Quebec, June 25-28.​

  • Explore trends impacting events and experience design methods that create a sense of belonging, connection and deliver maximum ROI throughout the attendee journey.​
  • Take your programming to the next level. Experience fresh takes on adult learning, test a variety of learning formats and learn from experts how to get the best out of your speakers and presentations.​
  • Enhance your event data strategy with new approaches to collecting highly valuable attendee feedback, effectively analyzing behavioral reports, and leveraging data to design better events.
  • In our Tech Hub, get hands-on with revolutionary event tech and AI to leverage their potential and gain a deeper understanding of their practical applications.​