Amelie Bahlsen

Director, Experience Strategy, Storycraft Lab

Amelie Bahlsen, Director, Experience Strategy, Storycraft Lab

Amelie works with teams as they navigate and curate their content, supporting strategic decision making aligned with a perspective on the attendee and the designed experience.

She begins with patterns, trends and analysis, and from there she helps design and craft a tailored journey infused with creativity, activity, visuals that results in memorable and bespoke experiences – ensuring all attendees are engaged with the message and content. Amelie is passionate about learning and engagement strategies that support meaningful human interaction.

Amelie has worked on both Content and Engagement Strategy and Experiential Strategy for clients that include Intel, CEMA, C200, Microsoft, DC Public Library and the Inter-American Bank. She holds Master’s Degrees in Exhibition Design and Fashion Design and loves to see the interaction between these disciplines in retail and experiential settings.