Bekah Charlston

Experience Strategist, Storycraft Lab

Bekah Charlston, Experience Strategist, Storycraft Lab

A multi-facetted design-thinker, Bekah started out with a degree in graphic design, jumped into the world of marketing, and then returned to school to receive her Master’s degree in exhibition design. Bekah’s thesis work included concept development for a pop-up brand experience.

As a storyteller, Bekah loves the space where creativity and strategy meet. Her considerable communications skills help to take sometimes complex information and distill it into inspiring and informative content.

Bekah’s past experience includes a range of creative roles at the Smithsonian Institution including the National Portrait Gallery and the National Air & Space Museum. She has worked with a variety of design clients and is appreciated for her ability to take an idea from concept to completion, intuiting expectations and turning them into a reality.