How To Persuade Your Boss

Get your boss to say “YES” to PCMA EduCon 2022

We get it. You WANT to come to Educon but you need help getting the head honcho on board. Fear not, we got your back!

Explain why you should attend

Return on investment– that’s what this is really going to come down to. The pandemic has reshaped the way budgets are prepared. Things are leaner, tighter and your company must make every dollar count. So now what, give up? Heavens no. You need to justify the cost and offer up our favorite radio station WIIFM or “What’s In It For Me.”

In this case, “me” being your department or company.

Address your department or company’s specific pain points, and then highlight what event offerings can specifically address that need or concern.

Let’s break it down a bit more:


Focus on what you will learn and how learning this information will directly impact your department or company.

We will have three main keynotes that cover the essential topics for business success in 2022 and beyond:

  • Leadership and Risk-taking
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Between the three main days, you can easily make a business case as to why it imperative to join us in New Orleans. Let’s look at some examples.

Example: Leadership and Risk-taking

If your department has been toying with the idea of launching a new campaign or activation but you are still on the fence, say this:

“I will have the chance to learn from Ryan Leak and his talk on Leadership and Risk. This might give us the insights we may not have thought of regarding the campaign we have been wanting to launch. This very well could help us succeed in the long run.”

Mention the Long-Table Discussions where you will have the opportunity to listen and learn from industry peers on “how we did it” that uncover insights from successes and failures on a variety of topics, including successfully running hybrid events.

Perhaps, you discuss the Thought Leadership Talks where you learn from future-focused professionals and innovative minds in thought leadership presentations that address the most relevant industry trends.


It’s always a great to focus on the benefits of having your company represented at EduCon– it both strengthens and builds you and your company’s brand.

“I will represent our company in a positive and impactful way at EduCon. Upon my return, I will prepare documents of things I learned at PCMA EduCon and create a contact list of vendors and people I met. Lastly, I will present all that I’ve learned to our department and organization.”


In the meetings and events industry, it’s all about “who you know.” No matter your title in the industry, networking is essential.

“I will have the opportunity to meet with and hear insights and experiences from key influencers, speakers, and industry leaders. I can solicit advice from them or collaborate and share ideas with them that will contribute to our company’s success.”

Know when to ask

Timing. Timing. Timing. It is everything. When should you ask? Good question!

Consider asking during a regularly scheduled meeting with your supervisor. Don’t have regular check-ins? Ask for a meeting, but only after you’ve prepared a thoughtful pitch. Pro tip – wait until they’ve either had their morning coffee, lunch or appear to be in good spirits. This strategy may seem like overkill, but every little bit helps. What can we say? We want to see you!

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