How To Persuade Your Boss

Join us in Los Angeles for 2019 PCMA Education Conference!

Unsure how to convince your supervisor or company to financially support your attendance at the PCMA Education Conference in Los Angeles? Here are some ideas to help prepare a compelling request.

Know when to ask. Timing is everything. If you have regularly scheduled meetings, it might be best to raise your request at that time.

Explain why you should attend. Create a compelling reason about the specific benefits of the Education Conference and how it would advance your career and assist your organization. List the sessions and networking events you would attend and explain how each would assist you in achieving your organization’s objectives and your goals.

List reasons you should attend. Some examples:

  1. Networking. In the meetings and events industry, networking is important. I will have the opportunity to meet with and hear insights and experiences from influencers, speakers and industry leaders. I can solicit advice from them or collaborate and share ideas with them.
  2. Knowledge. PCMA’s events are known for providing business events innovations. By attending PCMA Education Conference, I can enhance my business events knowledge and help propel myself and others to success. I am fully invested in a career in the business events industry and want to support the success of this organization.
  3. Representation. I can be our company representative at the event. I will prepare documents of things I learned at PCMA Education Conference and a contact list of vendors and people I met. I will present what I’ve learned to our organization.

Need more resources? See our Gain Approval Email Template.

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