Gain Approval Template

Dear [NAME],

The 2019 PCMA Education Conference in Los Angeles is an important event for business events professionals and considered a premier event for the industry. Sending me to the June 25-28 conference will support my professional development and allow me to gain industry insights and knowledge I can share with the company and team.

The PCMA Education Conference features presentations from industry leaders, motivational speakers, workshops and networking opportunities. [Explain how one session is particularly relevant to your role or organization.] Industry influencers attend this annual event and I will have the opportunity to interact with them.

Please visit the Education Conference website at or @PCMAHQ on Twitter or PCMA on LinkedIn to see what people are saying about the event.

Expenses include registration, travel, hotel and any meals outside of the Education Conference. The total cost for the conference is [$X,XXX]. A cost breakdown is as follows:

  • Registration:
  • Airfare:
  • Transportation to and from hotel:
  • Hotel:
  • Meals:
  • TOTAL:

I am happy to discuss this with and answer any questions. I am confident this event is worthwhile for my current position and for years to come.


2018 EduCon Takeaways