Gain Approval Template

Dear [NAME],

The best workplaces invest in their team members, and that’s why I’d like to represent [workplace] at PCMA EduCon 2021. The EduCon program provides attendees with concrete, relevant and actionable takeaways to help me solve our company’s most significant challenges and embrace change in a dramatically shifting landscape.

[Discuss whether you prefer to attend face-to-face or digitally. If face-to-face, highlight PCMA’s safety and hygiene protocols regarding your company’s current mindset and policy.]

I’ll hear from popular business events leaders and enjoy workshops designed to address some of the industry’s challenges, like finding revenue streams from business events in our current environment and beyond. [Explain how one session or activity is particularly relevant to your role or organization.]

I’ll also have the chance to connect with industry influencers and cultivate key business relationships that will benefit [workplace] now and in the future.

Check out EduCon’s website at, @PCMAHQ on Twitter, or PCMA on LinkedIn to find out more about how my attendance at EduCon could change [workplace] for the better.

The total company investment for my participation is approximately $XXX. An estimated cost breakdown is as follows:

(include what is applicable based on in-person or digital attendance)

Meals and incidentals:

I’m excited to discuss this with you and answer any questions you might have. I’m confident my attendance at EduCon 2021 will be worthwhile for my current role and for [workplace] in years to come.

[Your Name]

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