Charlie Todd

Comedian, Author & Speaker


Charlie Todd is a New York-based comedian and director known for orchestrating extraordinary moments of surprise and delight in ordinary places.

In 2001 Charlie created Improv Everywhere, a project that pioneered large-scale surprise public performances, long before anyone had heard of the term “flash mob.” An early adopter of YouTube, Charlie was one of the first creators on the platform in 2006, and his Improv Everywhere channel defined an entire genre of comedy for the Internet age. The projects Charlie has directed for Improv Everywhere have received half a billion lifetime views.

Charlie’s projects are site-specific, hugely uplifting, and uniquely hilarious. Who doesn’t want to live in a world where high fives are offered at the top of a subway escalator, time suddenly freezes in Grand Central Terminal, and random people are given the chance to conduct a world-class orchestra on the streets of New York City?

Building on his work with Improv Everywhere, Charlie creates projects for brands and television, recently serving as executive producer and director of the Disney+ series “Pixar In Real Life.” As an experience designer, he works with conferences to create custom surprises and participatory events.

Keynote title: Creating Community and Connection Through Unexpected Joy

For over 20 years, Charlie Todd and his group Improv Everywhere have been creating moments of joy in everyday places. Charlie shows how he’s managed to take his comedy off of the stage and into the real world, breaking people out of the stress of their daily routines with an unexpected laugh and moment of connection.

Charlie discusses the importance of life-long play, the unique joy of being a part of a happy crowd, and how our shared public spaces can be put to much better (and funnier) use. Improv Everywhere’s decades-long work to turn cities into playgrounds for people of all ages will leave you inspired to see new possibilities in your community.

This keynote will include an interactive component that requires headphones and a smartphone. Attendees should download Improv Everywhere’s Mp3 Experiment app in advance of the session and join the edUcon event in the app.