Katy Mull

Director, Experience Strategy, Storycraft Lab

Katy Mull, Director, Experience Strategy, Storycraft Lab

Katy helps teams elevate understanding of audiences – What drives them? Why do they fall in love? What makes them pause and think? Or share with their friends? How does this experience function as an element of their Human journey? Through Empathy, Imagination and Creativity, Katy leverages her background in media + digital and human-centered design to conceptualize innovative approaches to engagement. Her passion for storytelling and study of digital experiences offers a unique perspective on journey mapping and innovative UX.

Katy has spent several years as a multimedia storyteller in the nonprofit sector, producing and editing short video stories and creating narratives that dealt with a diverse range of topics, including advocacy issues, human-centered stories, and international policy discussions. Her personal pursuit of stories about human connection has translated into her work as an experience designer and she has applied this perspective to clients such as NASA, Google XI, Veritas, CityNeon and the Society for Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE).