Meet Your EduCon Hosts

Will Curran

Founder & Chief Event Einstein at Endless Events


  • ENFJ personality type based on Myers Briggs
  • Hosts three podcasts: Event Icons, Event Tech Podcast, and Event Brew
  • Used to be a DJ for many years

As the founder of Endless Events, Will Curran has been named one of the most influential people in the meeting & events industry, one of the 40 under 40 event industry leaders, 35 entrepreneurs under the age of 35, and Inc Magazine’s Coolest College Start-up all before graduating college.

Will has been producing in-person and virtual events since high school when he started his first company and has now worked in the production of large event clients such as Emerald City Comicon, Anheuser-Busch, Warner Brothers, Morton Salt & Uber.

His team’s mission is to simplify the event planning process by creating the equation for an event’s perfect solution. They also relentlessly seek to be the name in customer service in the events industry. From event logistics to business development to technical production, Will Curran has a diverse background in growing events and companies to the next level.

Ameerah Saine

Founder & CEO ‎of BAS Media and Digital Marketing

Ameerah is a trained grenade-thrower who can sell anything you never knew you needed and understands why people want what they want. These unique skill sets are why she founded B A S Media, a digital marketing agency created to help start-ups gain marketing departments and full suite creative services at a fraction of the cost.

And if her day-to-day life was not challenging enough, she hosts the Brunch and Slay podcast. In this weekly show, she interviews game-changers and Disrupt(HER)s in hopes that by sharing their blueprints, many of us in business will avoid significant setbacks and missteps and create thriving companies.

As a graduate of Texas A & M University-Commerce and veteran of the Army National Guard, thinking outside the box and finding ways to reach goals with limited resources is her superpower. She considers the fact that she gets to do what she loves for a living the greatest gift of her life. She respects her team, the long hours they work, and their unwavering commitment to their clients, and she’ll continue to be here for them as long as they will have her.


  • Natural talker, a wife, and mom of a 6-year-old daughter
  • Spends 30% of her time checking emails, begging her daughter to keep her clothes on
  • Avid reader and traveler