Kristin Graham

Speaker, Coach, and former Culture & Communications Principal for Amazon

As a former journalist, Kristin Graham looks at the latest on brain science, psychology, and marketing to figure out how to be heard in a noisy world. For the last several years, Kristin led culture and communications at Amazon and helped launch resources that illuminate Amazon’s unique culture. She also taught the Amazon narrative writing process to tens of thousands of employees worldwide. Kristin is now a consultant, trainer, and speaker on the topic of communications, productivity, and information science to corporations, universities, and via online courses. Find her online at, LinkedIn, or trying out the new Clubhouse app under @kristingraham.

Session Information

Main Stage: Secrets of Staying Relevant, Capturing Curiosity and Keeping Excitement in the Attention Economy

Friday, July 9
11 a.m.-Noon, Pacific Standard Time (PST)

You’re not just competing against the plethora of virtual, in-person and hybrid events and experiences calling for your audiences’ attention. You’re also up against additional products and services that vie for your consumers’ attention–including Netflix, social media platforms, and more. How can you stand out and keep coveted focus on you and your offerings? How can you stay relevant as consumers’ behaviors permanently shift? It’s all about putting your audience in the driver’s seat to drive the future of events, experiences and business. Learn how you can uncover audiences’ needs and desires through data-driven strategies that cater to them in ways that driving conversion, engagement, and your bottom line.