EduCon Digital Experience

One of our main goals at EduCon is to challenge outdated processes and experiment with new experience models. And delivering a live digital event while providing a live, in-person event is adventurous, and dare we say, stressful.

Let us take the risk and share our learnings—the good and the bad—with you. With our live behind-the-scenes interviews, tech tips, and hybrid event insights, you’ll leave EduCon feeling more confident about how to approach and strategize for hybrid events.

Your educational sessions, which include both remote and onsite facilitators in Phoenix, provide a live in-depth experience, with the opportunity to learn, participate, connect, and interact with your colleagues. Besides fun organized Meet Ups, Conversation Starters, and Happy Hours, chat, upvote, and answer polls real-time with the in-person audience via Cadmium’s robust platform.

Business Event Strategists Implementing Knowledge They Learned During the EduCon Digital Experience


The EduCon digital experience is designed for you and by you, providing concrete, relevant, and actionable takeaways to help you solve your biggest challenges and embrace change in a dramatically shifting landscape. Turn your event learnings into next steps and action items through our EduCon Idea Book. With studio overviews, questions to prompt discussion, wellness reminders and exercises, and activities designed to help you translate what you’re learning into strategies and ideas, you will be better equipped to create and execute events and marketplaces for the future. Craft your customized learning journey today by visiting our comprehensive Digital Schedule.

Ameerah Saine, EduCon Digital Experience Host


Join our live show broadcast with your lively and energetic EduCon Digital Experience host, Ameerah Saine. Get ready for exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with trailblazers and visionaries, along with hybrid event tips and tricks from industry leaders.

Speaker Giving a Presentation During EduCon Digital Experience


All of our EduCon speakers will be streamed live for the digital audience. Sessions including discussions and brainstorming activities will have facilitated breakout rooms for you to interact and learn with other digital attendees.

Don’t miss the Mash-up Studio segments featuring real-time interviews, tech tips, and more! Can’t attend all your bookmarked sessions? Don’t worry; you can binge the sessions you missed on-demand!

SongDivision's Virtual Happy Hour During the EduCon Digital Experience


Chat with colleagues and find new business connections during the Meet Ups, SongDivision’s Virtual Happy Hour, Jeopardy, Conversation Starters, and more through Cadmium’s interactive platform.